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are's watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland marled ." i the deadliest air racing i did -- it is the deadliest air racing disaster. plus there were on a mission to help needy children. this morning what happened to five people who were attending a charity event. and this morning's politicians are weighing nonet debate about the possibility -- in on the debate about the possibility of arsenic in apple juice. will it change the way it is produced and sold? all that is straight ahead. good morning let's get to justin berk with a check of
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your monday forecast. >> coming off a beautiful sunday for many of us. look at the start in annapolis. clear skies over the severn that's good looking stuff for you in the mid portion of the state heading towards mount airy a few extra clouds in the morning sky and few clouds this morning. and more heading into the afternoon. a widespread variety of temperatures here. most of us in the mid-50s but up towards harford cecil county 48. in bel air. chestertown perry hall and ellicott city at 50 and 55 up on the hill in westminster. we are watching the clouds gather back towards the west and they will be the high thin cloud. this afternoon more cloud cover and the wind forecast for the week we go from the chilly northerly wind to a east south eastern wind and pile up waters and it's a flood watch on the west side of the chesapeake but it means more moisture meaning more clouds and more showers this week. we will talk about that coming up. right now it's 6:31. and here's tanya with traffic. >> reporter: the roadwork that we had on the inner loop at 95
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is now clear. so you don't have to worry about that. we are doing great out there. especially on the beltway. the view of 695 at frederick road is doing fine. and that's the outer loop to the left of the screen which has the heavier traffic right now. no problems on the inner loop. jfx and northern parkway we have pretty light traffic. this will change in an hour or two. at coldspring southbound most cars to the right of the screen no issues to report. drive times are still doing fine. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway five minutes and 6 minutes out of 59 and white marsh. investigators are going through recording device recovered from the plane. it's the death toll at 9 and deadliest air show crash our country has seen. linda so has more on the victimsincluding the pilot. what are they saying about him. >> reporter: some who were at the show are calling the pilot a hero. he died in the crash but they believe he maneuvered the plane
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away from the grandstand to avoid a bigger tragedy e was 74- year-old jimmy leeward. his facebook page had a picture of him. his plane narrowly missed the granted stand where thousands were watching. a 22-year-old from phoenix was killed in that crash. michael wogan was there with his dad as part of a father and son vacation. he was bound to a wheelchair and had graduated from arizona state. we are hearing from the family member of mother victim who was killed. john craig. >> they could see the plane coming do you and i believe he probably sheltered his son and that's the guy he was. so, a very, very good dad and very good husband very in love with my sifter. >> 70 people were injured when the flan crashed. investigators will be going through data recovered from the plane to try to determine what caused it to go down. linda so, abc2 news.
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federal investigators are in west virginia look at another air show crash. in martinsburg the stunt pilot was killed and no one else was heart. a reporter capture the images from saturday. >> we saw the two planes passing each other and i took the one picture and thought it came out good and i was showing my husband on the view finder and in that split second we saw a flash of light that caught our ice and you heard the explosion sound and it drew our attention. >> the world war ii era plane was part of the 6-plane formation. two were flying belly to belly and after they split one burst no a fireball. news from around the nation. authorities say five people attending a biker fest to help needy children in tennessee are victims of a tragic accident. police say three men and two women were found dead in an rv.
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early indications are they died of carbon monoxide poisoning. a faulty generator may have been the culprit. a driver of a drag boat is hospitalize after his boat exploded and blew apart. it happened during the san diego bay fair yesterday. two drag boats flew across the bay at speeds up to 200 miles an hour. one driver said they lost control and the boat ended up in pieces. >> kind of did a corkscrew up in the air and all there was was foam and pieces flying everywhere. >> mike had a front row seat to the action and snapped the pictures frame by frame as that accident happened. the driver was rescued and officials believe he suffered a minor concussion but that has yet to be confirmed. it was a costly dog snap. roberta inhaired part of her mother's estate including two accounts accounts from bank mark for 40,000. she received two checks and left them on the table with the rest of the mail and they
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vanished all eyes then turned to the four legged culprit her scottish terrier. >> unfortunately, we have a very young and very precocious puppy that decided to taste them. >> seriously. jack ate the checks. >> roberta contacked the bank and was so embarrassed to say the checks were in her dog's belly and she reported them lost. the bank confirmed no one cashed the checks but wouldn't replace them for 09 days to make sure no chance that the dog -- 90 da to make sure but there's no chance the dog will pass the checks soon. heading to a nfl game soon you need to pay attention because you will have to get to the stadium earlier than usual because the nfl is taking more steps when it comes to overall security of fans in the stadiums. also, let's be honest, no one likes to pay a lot for a pumpkin. you cut it up and scoop it out. the price of pumpkins are going
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big changes the next time you head to the bank if you want to watch the ravens them. new rules for fans to be searched from the avengeels niece he waist and up after a man snuck a stun gun. last month a fight broke out during a preseason game between the 49ers and the oakland raiders. that's no shock. nfl says security measures will keep stadiums safer, hopefully. if you are going out of town and you want the best price possible andests says don't get your hopes up. due to higher fuel price and
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weak economy airlines are cutting back on flights and they are going to continue to do so into the next year. finally, disney did it again. taking the top spot at weekend box office. with the rerelease of the lion king. the film exceed expectation making 29 million dollars almost all from the 3d version. the original made 40 million when it opened 17 years ago. and last weekend's number one contagion drops back to 14 million dollars overall. we are following several big stories for you on this monday morning here on "good morning maryland" including a man who is resting inside a baltimore hospital. >> reporter: one man is recovering this morning after a house explosion in brooklyn park. i amer is ri -- sherrie johnson -- i am sherrie johnson. >> reporter: a reenact mant to step up the investigation into the disappearance of robyn gardner. the story coming up. 6:41. 53 degrees.
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10 minutes away from sunrise. a beautiful looking start to the day. the forecast is coming up. >> reporter: we are doing fine traffic wise. traffic is moving smoothly 895 at o'donnell. we will tell you more when "good morning maryland" continues.
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news time 6:45. good morning i am charley crowson. this is your abc2 news to go. let's start with the forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> official numbers this morning mid-50s across the board. we have highlighted upper 40s in harford and cecil county. 55 in baltimore. some clouds mixing to the west. 57 this hagerstown and farther to the west deeper cloud cover just west of garrett county. ohio gets in on the action with rain. and back towards indiana and back down south the ohio and tennessee river valleys and that's spreading in our direction. think we will stay dry but the morning sunshine will give way to a few extra -- 50s and the s knocking upon us. at 65 at lunchtime and 70 as we get more clouds this afternoon. and clouds likely to stay with
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us for the rest of the week. we will talk about that in a moment. 6:45. here tanya with traffic. >> reporter: top side of the beltway okay at harford road but let's look near 7 # 95 at old court road. outer loop is slowing down. stop and go traffic to get around the 70 could take you 10 or 15 minutes. we are doing fine on the jfx at 41st street. noish tuesday report and very light traffic here. back to you. the latest on the explosion in anne arundel county that lit a neighborhood up and left a man severely burn. it may have been a report of a poor decision. that happened on franklin avenue in downtown brooklyn park. victim is at the hospital where we find sherrie johnson on what went wrong. what was the bad decision? >> reporter: well, basically, this morning, that man is recovering right here at bayview medical center with severe burns. it happened on saturday. now for fighters are telling us that basically -- firefighters are telling us becausecally he tried to start a fire but when
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the firewood wouldn't light he reached for gasoline and the neighborhood heard a loud explosion. fire officials say it was a flash fire. the anne arundel county fire department says there was an explosion sparked by gas poured into the fireplace badly burning the victim's legs but it put itself out in an instant. despite the explosion, the victim's house has no significant damage. >> the wood was wet and he was using it to try to get the fire to start. so it would continue to burn. >> reporter: now the victim's friends say coprobably be here for treatment for about two weeks. and fire officials warn not to use a gasoline as an accelerant especially in indoor use. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. family friends and law enforcement want to know what happened to robyn gardner, the woman who went missing six wears ago. police will retrace and reenact her moments -- movements the
6:48 am
day she went missing. abc2 is standing by with the latest on what this information could provide authorities. >> reporter: well, lead investigators say the purpose of today's reenactment is to get a better understains standing of the moments of gardner and giordano. last place she was seen alive was an isolated beach. according to good morning america at least two eyewitnesses will be part of the reenactment which investigators will use to retrace the movements of the pair and shed lights on inconsistenceies in the storey. mullet perstores -- multiplesours says he was asked to -- sources say giordano was asked to cooperate and he refused. giordano was held in an arubean jail and insisted he is innocent. disturb being findings -- disturbing findings from the
6:49 am
fallout from dr. oz's find on apple juice. there are levels of arsenic in apple juice and a proposal would set the standar. the show sparked controversy when he said lab test found troubling levels of arsenic in juice and fda say they found no high levels. charles schumer is causing for the first standars. and says the rise dinging standards and says the rising number come from other condition tries suggest the need. the most common victims infants. the results are in stud every more than 420 abused children mostly from lower income families. most of the children injuries were so severe that they suffered some form of brain damage. experts say the combined stress of raising a child and the wage cuts from a lost job you will see increase in overall physical violence. the president has a plan now to get us out of debt. it involves taxing the rich. linda so is here to explane what it's all about. >> reporter: the president long
6:50 am
said the rich need to pay more so he is come with up plan to help the country get out of debt. president obama basically wants any american making more than a million dollars to pay at least the same percentage in taxes as the middle class. right now, the middle class pays about 29% of the wages in taxes. the rich pay much less than that. the president is calling the plan the buffet rule named after warren buffet one of the richest men in the world for long time he said the rich should pay more and he recently told americans to stop codeling billionaires. >> i think that people of the high end like myself should be paying a lot more in taxes. >> reporter: now the president will announce the plan later today. republicans are shooting it down saying that it's class warfare and will only hurt the economy more by attacking those who create jobs. linda so, abc2 news. five things to know before heading out the door this morning. finances are the center of discussion at today's annual public meeting hosted by the
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smithsonian board of reggen. the group will answer questions and address issues facing the museum and research complex. talks include the status of federal funding amid budget cuts and the weak economy's impact on fun raising. the meeting is set for this afternoon on the national mall. governor o'malley is going to be spending the morning in prince george's county to make an announcement about transit development. lieutenant governor brown and county executive baker will join him. the announcement will take place at carrollton station. some of the maryland leaders are banning together to bring a end to violence among young people. senator cardin and elijah cummings and barbara mikulski will announce a grant from the cdc to evaluate strategies in crimes among youth. we will have more on that as it develops. . the pnc foundation and y of central maryland are working to give kids a head start to
6:52 am
provide financial programming to children at 81y center preschools and head start classrooms throughout central maryland. and nearly 200 people signed up for a food stamp challenge set to kick off. participants pledge to use the average food stamp benefit of 30 dollars a week in maryland as the total budget for groceries for the seven days. the purpose is to bring attention to finding solution for hunger in maryland. they are not fresh from the farm but they are tasty. apples grown at a prison complex will go to the maryland food bank and they will deliver some of it today. fruits will be served to the inmates and sold to the food banks for 20 cents a pound. about 1/10 of the overall retail value. from flooding and water damage to massive power outages hurricane irene left the mark on the communities. you wouldn't think pump kips wobt victims of the -- pumpkins would be victims of the storm but hurricane irene destroyed pump manykin patches and whole
6:53 am
sale prices doubled. midwest patches are seeing a boon in business because their farms within affected. >> i am getting calls from other farms -- weren't affected. i am getting a lot of calls from other retailers that i might have some to whole sale but my response is sorry i barely have enough for myself. >> if you want to pick the patch, picking sooner rather than late cert better approach. the national weather service has confirmed what many suspected. it was a tornado that damaged buildings and cars in ocean city last thur. we are told the tornado -- thursday. we are told the tornado began as a water spot and continued on land near 75th street. damage included broken windows and ripped siding. justin. . now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> that storm you can see was stronger over the water and weakening crossing 75th street. nothing like that this morning. we found a few clouds in the
6:54 am
sky in mountairy making for a -- mount airy make for a pretty sunrise shot. 55 in town. 59 cleveland. 6 0s from the great lakes and stepping back that's a classic setup towards minnesota. i wanted to show you this rainfall pattern that looks very impressive and substantial across the great lakes and dotting down through ohio and indiana. it break up a little bit. it will take a split form as it passes through the northeast. most of the energy will pit p.a. and northbound on the initial onset. but we are looking at showers back to the west this evening. that will probably help to throw clouds our way. so we start off with sunshine but we will get clouds to dim out the sun and later on, the clouds could take a stronghold especially tonight and maybe showers towards daybreak tomorrow. and this is just one particular computer model highlighting a band of showers and look out north of the border. it gets more impressive across the p.a. line and that's a classic setup
6:55 am
when the systems ride from west to east. we will have a south eastern wind. and you will get a sneak peek at that right now. and there will be spotty showers and storms throughout the week. it doesn't mean you will get a downpour each day. it doesn't mean it will wash out practice for the kids each day. but it means that those showers will be with us and probably hanging onto more clouds than anything else for the rest of the week. enjoy the early morning sun. increase in clouds throughout the day and especially annapolis and eastern shore it will be later. we will get up to 70. a good look at monday. back down to 62. thank the clouds that keep us milder. not nearly as chly. temperatures near norm -- chilly. temperatures near normal. mostly cloudy pushing in the next system and it will be the chance of scattered showers and storms. let's emphasize scattered just because you see a graphic with rain drops and lightning bolt doesn't mean you will get hit. we are up to 80 by thursday and drop back into the low 70s but we clear it out next weekend. tanya. >> reporter: we have a broken
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down car. security boulevard at the beltway. spending of the beltway starting to slow down. let's look at the outer loop at old court road near 795 stop and go traffic. sometimes completely stopped and it will be slow to 70. also slow in the outer loop between charles street and the jfx. speaking of the jfx at northern parkway, starting to get volume and that volume continues down to coldspring lane. making your way southbound, over to north actually west 41st street is what it looks like southbound to north avenue. you can see it's little bit lighter but in the next few minutes all that volume will make its i counsel -- its way downtown towards fayette street. starting to get the slowdown. >> we want to thank you for joining us on this monday. starting the workweek off right. abc 2 is the place to go for all things weather and traffic and news related. updates at 25 and 55 and you can like us on facebook. go to new york now for "good morning america" have a great
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